Asset / Vehicle Tracking

Asset & Vehicle Tracking Services

Eyes-On provide technical solutions to Covertly Monitor and Track Assets/Vehicles.

Requirements for the Tracking and Monitoring of Assets/Vehicles can be used for Protection, Retrieval or Evidence purposes. GPS Trackers can be rented for a few days or longer periods they may be required.

Suspicion of an individual not being truthful in their whereabouts or where they have been.

We can provide evidence of the vehicle’s movement.

Tracker assets using GPS can be used Covertly, Discreetly and Efficiently to Track and Monitor Assets/Vehicles rapidly, for general piece of mind or to gather intelligence for Surveillance Operations. The GPS Trackers are extremely accurate and give consistent updates of the vehicles position.

A full file history from the movement of the GPS Tracker is also stored and able to view at any time. We can deploy our high specification GPS Trackers Nation-Wide for long periods.

GPS Trackers are a very cost-effective way to gain relevant information before proceeding with further Investigations, therefore greatly reducing the costs of Surveillance.